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  • Release of DIgSILENT PowerFactory 15 Simulation and Analysis Software

    We would like to inform you that the new version DIgSILENT PowerFactory 15.0 is available for download now.

    PowerFactory 15.0 offers major features in calculation functionality, extensions to the data model and data management system. It comes with improved visualisation features, new models and solving algorithms. The newly enhanced distribution analysis tools integrate advanced network analysis and optimisation techniques with economic evaluations. With its rich modelling capabilities for variable loads and distributed generation such as PV, fuel cells, wind generation and battery storage, PowerFactory is perfectly suited for network planning and operation studies of increasingly smart grids.
    PowerFactory 15.0 product highlights include among others:
    • Geographic Diagrams and enhanced tools for visualizing topological network structures
    • Optimal Power Supply Restoration functions
    • Enhanced Reliability Assessment for balanced and unbalanced networks
    • Voltage Profile Optimisation for bi-directional power flows
    • Arc-Flash calculation (IEEE1584, NFPA 70E) incl. label printing
    • Automatic Cable Sizing (IEC 60364-5-52, NF C15-100, NF C13-200, BS 7671, etc.)
    • Static Motor Starting simulation
    • Simulation Scan module
    • Techno-Economic evaluation of grid expansion strategies
    • New and improved models such as MV load model, secondary substations, single-phase static generator and PLL model,
    • capacitive voltage transformer, enhanced cable parameter calculation, etc.
    • Database offline mode with local caching and re-synchronisation, automatic rule-based database housekeeping
    • New comprehensive real-world application examples with video presentations

    Besides, PowerFactory 15.0 comes with a revised user interface which provides tools for customization by means of defining user profiles.
    In this way, PowerFactory can be flexibly adapted to specific customers' needs.

    For more information on new features and enhancements, please refer to the document “What's New in PowerFactory 15.0”.

    Further details are also given in the new User's Manual which is included in the software. In addition, the new version comes with a series of new application examples and videos presenting key functionality of PowerFactory.

    Using your regular Support Area logon credentials, you may access: https://support.digsilent.de
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    1. Support's Avatar
      Support -
      You can find more details about this version by browsing the link.

      We will be posting new videos soon to match the new look of PowerFactory 15.
      The new version has completely different re-organisation of its screens and layouts.
    1. Smart's Avatar
      Smart -
      More details are available here