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Thread: Working procedure for Exchanging Protection Settings Using StationWare Software

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    Thumbs up Working procedure for Exchanging Protection Settings Using StationWare Software

    When a TSO or DSO needs to work together with consulting companies in order to define protection settings, the exchange of data and results can be inaccurate and could lead to errors.

    The effort required to keep control of the actual status of the settings of protection devices and generator controllers (AVR, PSS, GOV) and to compare the newly calculated settings with the existing ones is very high. A protection settings database has been implemented in the Asset Management System StationWare based on the native setting files of the protection devices. The database contains all parameters of the protection devices, irrespective of the device manufacturer and the access rights to the settings of the users can be individually defined.

    This paper describes the process for the implementation of the database. The proposed working procedure which facilitates the TSO to share selected information with consulting companies is described, as well the corresponding procedure allowing consulting companies to submit the calculated settings such that the TSO can compare them with the existing settings in a faster and more accurate way.
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