View Full Version : DIgSILENT GridCode 2.0 Released

17-12-2012, 06:47 PM
DIgSILENT has released GridCode version 2.0 with new features and enhancements related to the analysis of compliance with Grid Code requirements of conventional and renewable power plants.
Key features of DIgSILENT GridCode 2.0 are:
Support of new Grid Codes:

ENTSO-e Network Code for Requirements for Grid Connection Applicable to ALL GENERATORS (26th June 2012).
China GB/T 19963 – 200, State Grid Corporation and China Electric Power Research Institute.
Germany: EEG: Renewable Energy Sources Act, measurement procedure by FGW - TR3 for medium and high voltage networks.
South Africa: “Grid Code compliance test for wind energy facility connected to transmission or distribution grids in South Africa” by Eskom.
Spain: Update to the new version 10 of the PVVC to check compliance with P.O.12.3 and P.O.12.2 (draft).
United States: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: FERC661

New model validation methods:

IEC-61400-27-1 (CD1 2011.12.23): "Wind turbines – Part 27-1: Electrical simulation models – Wind turbines"
GERMAN FGW - TR4 (Rev. 5 – 2010.03.22): "Technical Guidelines for Power Generating Units - Part 4"
CHINA CEPRI (June 2012), according to the internal method "Wind Power Grid Interconnection Research and Evaluation Center"

IEC61400-21 Toolbox for Power Quality analysis update:

Harmonic total and individual distortion calculation at the PCC

Other features:

New graphical user interface, easy navigation with new menus and icons
Event classification: voltage dips, voltage swells, balanced or unbalanced events, etc.
Shortcuts for rapid access to configuration parameters.