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  1. Short Circuit Calculations Using PowerFactory Based on IEC 60909 Method

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    This is a summary of how IEC 60909 method is implemented in PowerFactory to calculate short circuit currents.

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  2. New Features in PowerFactory 15.1 For Power System Protection Coming Soon ....

    DIgSILENT PowerFactory 15.1 power system analysis and simulation software will be released soon with new features.
    Some of the features mentioned below are already available in the current version, but will be enhanced further in 15.1
    Others are new features will be added after requests from our valuable customers worldwide.

    Drawing & Visualization of Protection Devices :
    This includes CTs, VTs in overview diagrams and substation diagrams
    It will also ...

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  3. Modelling and Simulation of Distance Relays Using DIgSILENT PowerFactory Software

    The DIgSILENT PowerFactory protection analysis tool contains a comprehensive protection device model library. All relays are modelled for steady-state calculations (short-circuit, load flow), RMS and EMT simulation modes. The definition of relay types is highly flexible via block diagrams. For RMS and EMT simulation purposes, relays may be extended and adopted to cope with user specific requirements via the PowerFactory DSL language The features of the protection models are available in product ...
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  4. Albanah Global Website

    We invite our customers to register free on this website to discuss issues and exchange views on our products and services.
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  5. Test Blog

    this is testing
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