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  • Services Offered by Albanah Global LLC

    Albanah Global LLC provides smart engineering solutions for the industry. This includes providing the ‎suitable simulation softwares for their needs and carrying out studies on their electrical networks and ‎investigate technical problems. The Engineering Division has experts in the field of Electrical Power ‎System. These experts are capable of carrying out different types of studies, consultancies and ‎investigations in different areas.

    These include, but not limited to the following areas :
    • ‎Load flow and Fault Level studies.
    • Generation integration
    • ‎Planning Studies.‎
    • Electricity Trading Analysis.
    • ‎Voltage stability.
    • ‎Dynamic and transient stability.
    • ‎HVDC and FACTS devices.
    • Power quality studies (harmonics, voltage sags, operational characteristics)
    • EMT based studies (insulation co-ordination, lightning studies, switching studies, inrush currents, etc).
    • Network modelling and database management.
    • Industrial network analysis and optimisation (fault levels, equipment rating etc).
    • Motor start-up studies.
    • Protection co-ordination and grading studies.
    • Reliability assessment.

    All projects are carried out employing modern Project Management techniques for the ‎duration of the project. Final results and reports are reviewed by experts to ensure the ‎highest technical quality of delivered final product.‎