Dear PowerFactory Users,
We are pleased to announce the training schedules for the 2014 spring season PowerFactory training courses.
For detailed information about the various courses and specific programs, please refer to our webpage

Grid Connection of Renewable Generation – 04.-05.03.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0304

DIgSILENT Programming Language (DPL) – 18.-19.03.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0318

Grid Connection of Renewable Generation – 02.-03.04.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0402

Power System Stability – 07.-09.04.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0407

Dynamic Modelling Workshop (DSL) – 10.-11.04.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0410

Overcurrent Protection
Coordination with PowerFactory – 03.06.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0603

Overcurrent and Distance Protection
Coordination with PowerFactory – 03.-04.06.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0604

Grid Connection of Renewable Generation – 01.-02.07.2014
Seminar Code: S2014.0701