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Thread: Modelling and Simulating Dynamic Synchronous Motor Start and Asynchronous DOL Start

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    Smile Modelling and Simulating Dynamic Synchronous Motor Start and Asynchronous DOL Start

    PowerFactory performs motor starting simulations using the Motor Starting command.
    Motor Starting analysis typically includes an assessment of the following:
    • Voltage sag.
    • Ability of motor to be started against the load torque.
    • Time required to reach nominal speed.
    • Supply grid loading.
    • Starting methodology (Direct Online, Star-Delta, Variable Rotor Resistance, Reactor, Auto Transformer).

    The Motor Starting command makes use of the PowerFactory stability module by providing a reconfigured shortcut for easy-to-use motor starting analysis. Pre-selected and pre-configured plots are automatically created and scaled with full flexibility for user-configuration.
    In PowerFactory, there are two ?Simulation Types? that may be used to perform a motor starting simulation:
    1. Dynamic Simulation, which will execute a time-domain motor starting simulation.
    2. Static Simulation, which will execute a load flow calculation when the motors are disconnected from the system. Then, it will execute a short-circuit calculation, using the complete method, simultaneously with the occurrence of the motors being connected to the network. Finally, a load flow calculation will be executed after the motors have been connected to the system.

    For further reading you can refer to below attached extracts from PowerFactory user manual.

    In this exercise, we will discus simulating dynamic motor starting using the typical installation arrangement for industrial facility shown below.

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    Typical motor start for DOL synchronous motor has the following steps
    1. Motor main stator circuit breaker close
    2. Motor accelerate the starting load
    3. Field circuit during this period is short circuited
    4. At speed roughly around 0.95 excitation of determined value is applied
    5. Motor reach synchronous speed
    6. Loading of motor will be applied
    7. Regulation of power factor or Var will be maintained

    PowerFactory model can be downloaded from attachment below.
    Different dynamic models for motors are available.
    Very flexible way for modelling components like- mechanical load, gear box, excitation controller and different type of starting like vfd, DOL, auto tx etc? range from simple to very complex set ups. Also Plenty of available variables can be monitored.

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